My latest literary effort is now an ebook, available on Amazon’s Kindle store, as well as Smashwords. It’s a collection of short stories called Bloodstains On The Wall. The collection consists of three stories, all from different corners of the world of noir. Here’s a brief description of each:

1. FULLY LOADED It’s 1984 and Biloxi, Mississippi has seen better days. Sherry Lamar, used car saleswoman extraordinaire, is feeling the pinch. Then one day, a stranger walks onto her small car lot and ushers her into a world of steamy sex and murder.

2. THE DEVIL DRIVES A BIG MERCEDES A seven-year-old boy is playing with his two younger sisters when a minor accident occurs. One of the sisters is to blame, but she blames the boy and their mother believes her, punishing the boy. This starts him on a downward spiral into self-doubt and later, depravity, that will last his entire life.

3. BLOCK A famous crime fiction novelist thinks the current book she’s working on will revive her sagging fortunes. Halfway through it, however, she develops writer’s block and is unable to continue her story, until a mysterious early-morning phone caller claims to have the answers.

In two of the three stories, the central character is a woman. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s how they spoke to me.

The knockout cover was designed by Ronnell Porter and the formatting was done by Jenna Lundeen.

The entire collection of three stories is available now on Amazon for, get this, only 99¢. How can you not order one?

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  1. Joyce Ann

    I recall: “Bloodstains on the Wall by the phone in the hall.” Is that correct?
    The cover is definitely a”KNOCKOUT!” Good work and good luck.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Mike-You piece is going up tomorrow. Thanks, Patti

  3. Joyce Ann–the title came from a Big Walter song called “Bloodstains On The Wall”. It started with the lines, “Sheets and pillows torn to pieces, bloodstains on the wall.”

    Patti–Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look for it. (actually, I visit your site every day)

  4. Joyce Ann

    Yes, I thought it was a Big Walter song. BTW Big Walter is now in his 90’s and lives in an assisted living facility. In pretty bad shape. This was told to me by someone who attended his 90 something birthday party at “The Big Easy” club on Kirby last August.

  5. Al

    Snagged it!

  6. Thanks, Al. Hope you like it.

  7. Just ordered The Take on Kindle! Man, I am late to the party–I wish I’d known months ago how easy it is to read a book on my iPhone. I thought you needed a Kindle–DUH!

    Hope all is well, Mike! XOXO

  8. I’ve gone through the first two now at the gym and the time flies on the elliptical because of them. Noir with panache … beware of good-looking car saleswomen … and hicks with sticks (baseball bats) … one more to read. Enjoying them thoroughly.

  9. Thanks for the good words, Charlie. Hope you like the last one.

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