cover art for the novel, The Take, by Mike DennisI recently changed my photo on my Facebook page to the cover of my upcoming noir novel, The Take. Since I did that, I have received about fifteen emails asking if the book was out yet, and if so, where could they get it.

Well, fiction lovers, in an attempt to save myself the time of writing fifteen replies (I don’t like mass mailings), I’ll use this space to say that the publication date has not quite arrived yet. I put the cover on Facebook, albeit prematurely, just for something to do. When the novel is actually published, I will let you know. I promise.

Nice to know you care, though.

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6 Responses to BUT IT’S AN OKAY COVER, ISN’T IT?

  1. I’m not a “buy the book because of its cover” kind of guy, but I’d take a look at that one. (Well, maybe for Christa Faust’s MONEY SHOT.) That’s a good cover. I’d look at a few pages if I came across it in the bookstore.

  2. Mike Dennis

    MONEY SHOT was indeed a great cover, Dana. The new novel by John Rector, THE COLD KISS, has another good one.

    As far as THE TAKE being in your friendly neighborhood bookstore, I’m not sure. It’s a small press, and I don’t know how many stores it’ll be in. But it’ll be on Amazon for sure.

  3. Maya Gentry

    Actually like the cover. Intriguing title too. However, some of my favorite authors don’t necessarily have great covers, and I still read their books. I am sure you’ll get some “takers” and they’ll be well rewarded.

  4. Joyce Ann

    Actally, we aren’t just “fiction” lovers, we are also “Mike” lovers, hence our enthusiasm for your success.
    As I told you before, the pistol looks like a toy and should be redone, unless that is part of the plot.
    But, as others have, in essence, stated: “You can’t judge a book by lookin’ at the cover. Oh can’t you see. . . .you’ve. . . .hmmmmmm.”

  5. Sorry, Mike, I see I wasn’t clear. The cover would inspire me to pick it up even if I didn’t know who the author was. In your case, just let us know when it’s available.

  6. Joyce Ann

    ActUally, I should have written “implied,” rather than “stated.” And, BTW, I should probably cite the lyrics quoted: Bo Diddley, “You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover,” Rice Hotel, Houston, TX, circa 1972.

    What will be required to obtain a signed first edition?

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