The Boardwalk Empire train continues to roll toward season’s end. This episode found Margaret further embedding herself in Nucky’s organization, despite all her moral qualms. The relationship between her and Nucky is shaping up as the centerpiece of this fine series.

Richard “Half-Face” Harrow is becoming one of my favorite characters on the show, and is just such an unlikely figure, what with his horrific injury and his sniper past. I’m confident he will play a somewhat larger role in future episodes.

Al Capone, Jimmy Darmody’s wife Angela, Arnold Rothstein, Chalky White, Agent Van Alden…they’re all getting ready to make their moves. They’re under pressure and the show’s only got two or three more episodes to go for this season. The story arc has been carefully choreographed to bring these disparate parts together. Get ready for a big climax.

Meanwhile, check out my full review of this episode on Spinetingler.

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