Well, at last, the Yankees have gotten their comeuppance. And in Yankee Stadium, no less. I haven’t felt so good since the Marlins beat them in game 6 of the 2003 World Series in the house that Ruth built. I didn’t see the end of the game last night and it went on too late for the papers to carry the final result. Should it surprise anyone that I actually had a slightly difficult time learning the Tigers had won?

Do you think if the Yankees had won that it wouldn’t be plastered all over every Internet site and on everyone’s lips? Crawls across the bottom of every 24-hour news channel would be filled with quotes from all the Yankee players and management about who they’re going to start in the League Championship Series, and of course, looking ahead to the inevitable World Series.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of this New York-centric culture we live in, which I’ve had to put up with my whole life. You know, it’s the greatest city in the world, they have Broadway shows, Times Square, blah, blah, blah. The Yankees, according to New Yorkers, have been permanently anointed and are therefore supposed to win the World Series every year. Those years which do not result in a championship are considered failures. Give me a break.

Being eliminated in the first playoff round is particularly humiliating for such a team who feels entitled to scarf up everything in its path, who feels other teams should, by definition of being “other teams”, lie down and allow the Bronx juggernaut to steamroller over them. Fortunately, the Tigers had other plans. And now we will be spared having to gaze at Derek Jeter’s fucking smirk until next season. I’m actually surprised that the breathless countdown to his 3000th hit didn’t continue beyond it, so that we’re constantly informed that he’s now at 3001, 3002, my God that was hit number 3003! Anybody remember such hyped-up reporting surrounding Rafael Palmeiro’s 3000th hit? I didn’t think so.

My advice to the Yankees: go back to New York and get another year older.

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5 Responses to BYE BYE, YANKEES

  1. Joyce Ann

    Next time try:, or Google News, “Detroit Tigers.” But, don’t try Their headline is about the Red Wings!

    So, remind me: How DID the Red Sox finish this year?

    (Try being taken seriously as a Texas Rangers fan–GO NOLAN!)

  2. Word.

  3. Joyce Ann

    Here is a Yankee-love story for you: A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing with folks my age from my old neighborhood in East Dallas on a special Facebook group page about transistor radios. Listening to the 1960 World Series came up and someone remembered that the school principal put the last few innings of the final game on the schools’ PA Systems. (You’ll be happy to know there were mixed reactions to Mazeroski’s homer). But, I think that is when the Yankees became “America’s (baseball) Team.” All the little boys wanted No. 7 or No. 9 on their little league shirts. If that sentiment had not existed prior to the 60s (Ruth (I know, previously with Red Sox), Lou Gehrig, DiMaggio, etc.) it has endured for an amazingly long time. Perhaps, another marketing coup.

    BTW–my husband’s Dad drove him and his step-brother from Tulsa to see the Yankees play in Kansas City. They were hanging-out around the locker room door and Yogi Berra came out, told them to “Get Lost,” and tossed a cup of ice at them.

    Also: A bit of Red Sox trivia. I read some time ago that Matt Damon (a big RS fan) wears a B on his Stetson in the remake of True Grit.

  4. Joyce Ann

    My younger brother doesn’t know your blog exists, but here a couple of his Facebook posts tonight–you are not alone in your sentiments about the Yankees:

    A walk off GRAND SLAM!!!!!!
    How do you score that? is it just an homer and 1 RBI?
    ‎4 rbi… trust me
    I would think so. But the game ended when Michael young crossed the plate? I hope you are right! We didn’t get much post game analysis did we? I bet if it had been the Yankees, they would still be broadcasting.

  5. Joyce Ann

    Another post (between me and my younger brother) a propos to your blog on this subject:

    Joyce Ann: I noticed the Cowboy’s dismal results were posted “below the fold” on the dmn online front page today. So sorry we have to go up against St. Louis. I hope it is not too humiliating, but Daddy says they have the best coach in Baseball–and all those sluggers. We only have Nellie (and Ron Washington). HELP!
    Yesterday at 4:07am · Like

    David: Rangers won’t have any trouble beating The Birds unless they let them get in their head. No one has won more Series than them except the Evil Empire. Of course with Tim Buck, broadcasting the people in Texas, will be the only ones who know who the Cards are playing.

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