FINAL COVER 4-5-13Not that the world has been waiting for this with its tongue hanging out, but I’ve finally decided to make Cadillac’s Comin’ available in paperback.

This is my experimental rockabilly novel, and it’s been available only as an ebook since its publication a few years ago. But I recently got my brain wrapped around the Kindle formatting process, and I went ahead and reformatted all my novels. While I was working on Cadillac’s Comin’, I made some minor changes in the text, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if this were in print so it could sit on my shelf with my other novels?” So, here we are.

It’s really pretty different from anything else I’ve ever written. It’s not noir, it’s not even crime fiction, it’s … well, here’s a brief description:


June, 1958. Elvis Presley is in the Army. Jerry Lee Lewis’ career has been shattered by a disastrous trip to England. There’s a clear vacuum at the top of the rock & roll world and Sun Records president Sam Phillips sees an opportunity. Ike Thacker is a white-hot performer in the company’s stable, and if Sam can propel Ike to the top, he can push Sun into the highest echelons of the record business. But rock & roll is in its infancy, under constant attack, and in real danger of disappearing altogether. On top of that, Ike proves difficult to control.

Set in Memphis in the chaotic early days of rock & roll and later in the shadowy demimonde of 1980s New Orleans, CADILLAC’S COMIN’ is Mike Dennis’ valentine to the rockabilly pioneers of the 1950s, who operated in the dark, with no rules, no guidelines, no precedents, and virtually no adult supervision.


It’ll be on Amazon in a couple of days, but right now it’s on CreateSpace. You can order it here.

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