61-Od901ZVL._SL300_Cold Blooded, a tense action thriller written by Bernard Lee DeLeo (RJ Parker Publishing), is my latest audiobook voiceover narration and production, and it just went live on Audible.com. It’s also available as an audiobook on Amazon and iTunes. First off, here’s a brief description:

Nick McCarty decides after ten years of black ops assassinations it’s time for a change. Against the wishes of his shadow government bosses he has inexplicably managed to become a best-selling author with a string of novels about an assassin named Diego. The novels have made him world famous and provided a cover for his overseas sanctions. But Nick feels something’s missing. An employer Nick sometimes takes sanctions from, when they coincide with the wishes of his government sponsors, orders the death of a woman in the witness protection program. This kickstarts the story.

This is the first installment in the new Nick McCarty series, and I’m excited to have been selected to narrate and produce this novel as an audiobook. Bernard Lee DeLeo is the author of some twenty novels, spread out over several different series, all of them doing very well. I’m quite confident the Cold Blooded audiobook will find great success. I’m hoping for the opportunity to do the sequel when it’s released this summer.

Right now, it’s a steal at $19.95 on Audible.com. You can check it out, along with an audio sample, here.


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