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Looking for more in the Key West Nocturnes series? Or maybe you’d like to know when Jack Barnett’s next hardboiled Las Vegas book is coming out. Let me know where to reach you and I’ll send you a notice right before each new book is released.

I will never share your contact info with anyone and more importantly, I HATE SPAM, so I’ll never spam you. I will only contact you to let you know when my next book is coming out. That’s it. No Facebook stuff, no Twitter, no phone calls, nobody knocking at your door, no nothing. Just ONE email from me whenever I have a new book on the horizon.

Oh, and if you do sign up, I’ll send you some free stuff from time to time, starting right away with a free copy of my Las Vegas noir short story, Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Eyes.

So please let me know how to email you and let’s stay in touch.



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2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Brien Rogers

    Still wonder – Do you recall Goulds Pumps?

  2. Of course, Brien. How are you doing? Are you in Key West for the winter?

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