FIRED UP!My latest audiobook narration is now live on Audible.com. It’s called Fired Up! Memoir Of A Deranged Arsonist, by Thomas Weston, and believe me, the title doesn’t begin to tell the story. “Deranged” is a kind word I would use for the central character, whose life we follow from his abuse-filled childhood through his spin into adult madness. Weston takes the reader on a Jim Thompson-esque first-person voyage deep into the mind of a psychotic, delusional sociopath, whose every weakness is laid bare and raw. In spots, it evokes Thompson at his most harrowing. I have to admit, it takes guts for a writer to go this far in the first person, but Weston pulls it off. A couple of times during my narration, I actually got chills.

I won’t go any further into it, except to say you can get it now on Audible.com and, in a few days, on Amazon and iTunes. Check out the audio sample, as well as a full description of the book, here.

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