“GLIMMER” audiobook now available

GLIMMERI’ve got four audiobooks coming out in rapid-fire order over the next week or so. The first one went live on Audible.com today, and will be on Amazon and iTunes in a few days. It’s a novelette called Glimmer, written by Karlos Prince. The author has woven a suspenseful tale around a man trapped in an abandoned mine in Kentucky’s coal fields. Prince has not only captured the claustrophobic nature of the situation, but he also breathes life into the secondary characters, the locals who inhabit rural Appalachia.

The publisher prepared a brief trailer, a very unusual step for such a short piece of fiction. It’s a remarkable example of what can be done with little money and a lot of creativity. You should take a moment and go see it here.

Glimmer is only $6.95, so how can you say no? Go here and check out the audio sample and see if it doesn’t reel you in. Go on. I dare you.


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