“HARD CASH”, A NOVELETTE, NOW AVAILABLE (99¢ brief period only)

The second entry in my hardboiled Jack Barnett / Las Vegas series is now available. It’s called Hard Cash. Here’s a brief description:

What if someone gave you $95,000 in cash as he lay dying in the street? Do you keep it? Even after knowing who it really belongs to?

Ex-private investigator Jack Barnett is handed such an envelope on a back street in Las Vegas. He needs the money, but as he learns more about it, he is drawn deeper into the world of a shady real estate mogul, whose reach extends all the way to a Texas border town, where bribery is the way things get done.

Hard Cash is a hard-boiled novelette, the second entry in Mike Dennis’ Jack Barnett / Las Vegas Series. Set in the steaming underbelly of Las Vegas, these tales of a reluctant ex-private investigator drag the reader down the darkest streets of Sin City, USA.

This follows on the heels of the first entry in the series, Temptation Town, and it too is a novelette. It’s set in February, 2003, about a year later than Temptation Town, and it also comes with an exclusive preview of the series’ third installment, a full novel called The Downtown Deal.

Hard Cash is available as an ebook on Amazon, and for a very limited time, for only 99¢. It’s also available as a paperback on CreateSpace.

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