Just a quick note to explain my recent absence. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life recently, and it’s created a major distraction for me, resulting in a lapse in blogging. Please bear with me. Besides, Boardwalk Empire has finished its season, so there won’t be any more of those exciting reviews for a while. I’m finishing up a Mickey Spillane novel which I’ll be reviewing, and I’m gathering some thoughts for a new post on the PC Gestapo.

And speaking of the PC Gestapo, don’t you know that they’d just love to send all of us uncooperative authors to a “re-education camp” where we can learn to “write the way we should” while we grow crops for “the people”. What do you think Mickey Spillane’s response would be if they told him to quit writing all those “offending” words?

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  1. Joyce Ann

    I’ll wait to let you speak for Mickey, but this is the way Sam Spade (Dashiell Hammett) did it in The Maltese Falcon: (Was this so bad? Cracks me up!)

    “Keep asking for it and you’re going to get it,” he said, “plenty.” His voice was low and flat and menacing. “I told you to shove off. Shove off.”

    . . .The boy spoke two words, the first a short guttural verb, the second “you.”*

    People lose teeth talking like that.” Spade’s voice was still amiable though his face had become wooden. “If you want to hang around you’ll be polite.”

    The boy repeated his two words. . . .

    (p. 84 in my 1972 Vintage Books paperback edition. Originally published in 1929 by Alfred Knopf)

    *what could it have been?

  2. Mike Dennis

    I think it was probably “says”.

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