The only resemblance between episode 3 of Boardwalk Empire and the first two episodes is that they’re using the same sets and the same actors. Beyond that, I don’t know. This is easily the worst installment of the series, asking the viewer to accept as gospel things that are just not possible. It’s writing at its laziest.

If you’ve read my reviews of the first two episodes, you know that I’m a fan. The show got off to an impressive start, but stumbled badly last night. If this is what we can expect for the remainder of the season, then I’m going to get off this train before it flies off the tracks entirely.

Read my full-length review of it here.

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  1. Joyce Ann

    Well, they have so many relationships in play, it is getting difficult to keep up. But, I am a huge fan of Kelly MacDonald, since the Scottish lass played such a perfect Texas gal in “No country for old men.” Surely the role played by such a talented actress will develop into something significant–new Irish mistress to Nucky? Maybe it is sloppy, but I am curious to see the characters coalesce as the plot materializes. Haven’t given up, yet.

  2. I haven’t given up either, Joyce Ann, and the actors do what they can, but the sloppiness was really unforgivable. There is a foundation for promising relationships, like Nucky and Margaret. Nucky and Gillian apparently have a past. Perhaps he’s Jimmy’s real father?

  3. Joyce Ann

    Oh, we absolutely believe he is Jimmy’s real father. Why else would he be “standing in a crowd with Jimmy ‘next to Jimmy’s father'” when they went to see President Taft? Or, he had Jimmy’s father murdered, etc. Gillian may have been a previous “Margaret.” But, you are correct about the sloppiness. In that last scene, since his clothes were dry, I didn’t understand why he was starring at the footprints on the carpet. My husband explained they were his.

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