Okay, so you’re going through your relatives’ house in Berwick, Pennsylvania, a little town around 140 miles west of New York. You’re sorting everything out for a routine estate sale, when–whoa! You go up in the attic and discover some thirty-odd movie posters glued together, one on top of the other. And they’re not just any old movie posters, you know, for American Pie 2 or some such shit. These babies are all pre-code, from 1930 and 1931, all in incredibly pristine condition, and most were thought to have been lost to history, with no known copies in existence.

Turns out they weren’t just lying around on the attic floor, either. They were put to good use: stuffed into the wall for insulation! No TLC from some careful collector, no meticulous preservation. Somebody just stuffed them into the walls 80 years ago and there they remained until recently. The glue was water-soluble, so they all came unstuck from each other with a steam dryer, causing no damage to the paper. The colors are remarkable and collectors are calling this the greatest find of all time.

Here are some examples:

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