a novel by Mike DennisAt long last, a new, improved audiobook version of Setup On Front Street is now available. The old version, much as I hate to admit it, didn’t sound very good, mostly because I was still struggling with my recording equipment, trying to coax the best possible sound out of it.

Well, it wasn’t working, so I invested in a few pieces of better equipment, and re-recorded this novel. The difference is striking, and if you bought the earlier, inferior version, I do believe you can exchange it for the improved version at no cost. Just contact

Setup On Front Street, in case you don’t already know, is the first installment in my Key West Nocturnes series of crime/noir novels, all set in Key West. These books will take the reader (or listener) behind the margaritas and the sunshine, into the noir underbelly of this island city.

In the meanwhile, go here and check out the new sample. I think you’ll like it. And who knows? You might just feel the urge to buy it!

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