SCARFACEMy latest audiobook, Scarface: The Ultimate Guide, written by Damian Stevenson, has gone live on, Amazon, and iTunes. It basically tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the groundbreaking 1983 movie starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer. Stevenson delves headfirst into how the movie got made, a detailed comparison with its 1932 predecessor, Scarface, which starred Paul Muni, and the tortuous path to finally landing director Brian DePalma and screenwriter Oliver Stone. He also dishes out the true story surrounding the crew’s problems in Miami, how the key roles were cast, and the film’s improbable rise to cult status after a miserable opening, during which it was lustily panned by critics and audiences alike.

This book was a lot of fun to narrate, especially since I’m a big fan of the movie. One of the best features of this book is a shot-by-shot voyage through the entire movie. I have to admit, I hadn’t seen the movie in about ten years, although I owned the anniversary edition 2-disc DVD version. When I was about one-third of the way through the narration, I pulled the movie out and Yleana and I watched it. After that watching, and after narrating Stevenson’s well-researched book, I have a completely new appreciation for this movie, and it has vaulted into my all-time top 10 favorite list. I also have recognized it as a film noir classic, as Tony Montana is a great noir protagonist, constantly blindsided by events and always choosing the wrong course of action.

Best of all, this audiobook is only $6.95! How can you say no?? Go to its page on and check out an audio sample, and then buy it.

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