Easy, easy now. Not #1 on all of Amazon. No chance. Not while all the “Fifty Shades” clones are buzzing around out there. But as of today at 5:15 PM, EDT, it is #1 in the free store among crime fiction novels. And don’t be like, “Oh sure. It’s #1 in free crime fiction novels. How many are there? Two?” No, there are at least 100, because they list the top 100 in every category.

As a matter of fact, #100 is something called Revenge by Kim Tomsett. All the books in between are by writers as equally unknown as myself and Kim Tomsett. All, that is, except #53, which is The Drop by Michael Connelly. Now, before you go rushing over there, I should tell you what is free is only the first eleven chapters of Connelly’s book. Naturally, with Setup On Front Street, you not only get the whole book, but a sneak preview of the second gripping novel in my Key West Nocturnes series, The Ghosts Of Havana.

Meanwhile, over on the “paid” side, the top 100 crime fiction novels are all by the usual suspects: Robert Crais, David Baldacci, Connelly of course, Patterson, Child, blah blah blah.

Back on the free side, though, Setup On Front Street is also #4 in suspense, so if it hits #1 there, you’ll be seeing another one of these. Additionally, it’s #114 overall in the free store, and if it hits #1 there, it’s drinks all around!

It’s not often I see one of my books at the top of any list, so forgive me for crowing about this one. I’ve waited a long time to see it.

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