Syria Evans has just posted an interview I did with her on her good-looking website Check it out. It’s worth the visit because she has a lot of other very interesting stuff on there, too. Her reviews are quite thoughtful, and she features blogs from other authors. It’s a good boost not only to my books, but to noir fiction in general. All very nice. Thanks, Syria.

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  1. Great interview. Was it email or live? So many interviews are email now it’s kind of a foregone conclusion, but each question built on the previous answer so well it almost had to be live, or she did a hell of a job splicing several emails together.

    Her questions are good, and your answers put you across as someone smart and interesting enough to have written a smart and interesting book.

  2. Mike Dennis

    Dana–The interview was conducted by email, with all the questions coming in at once. I liked the questions…they were a little more substantial than the usual ones, and they did seem to fit together. So I tried to answer them in that fashion. Then Syria used a little flair and inserted new questions to break up some of my longer answers, which gave it a very flowing feel.

    Thanks for the good words.

  3. She did a hell of a job crafting that. I didn’t see a place for comments on her web site, so if you chat with her, please pass along my compliments.

    Well done on both of you.

  4. Will do, Dana. Thanks.

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