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FILM NOIR, MY TOP 11, PRE-1970 (2012 edition)

Back in 2011, I drew up a list of my favorite films noir from before 1970 and another list from 1970 to the present. At this time, I find it necessary to re-post the pre-1970 list, since I’ve made some changes, including expanding it to 11 films. In no particular order, the new list goes […]


Heath Lowrance drew up a list of his ten favorite films noir and put them up on his Psycho-Noir website. He had quite a few of the greats in there, and some of the more obscure ones, too. Anyway, I got the bright idea to put my own list up and see where it takes […]


Some of my favorite movies are in the film noir genre.  What a surprise, right?  Thing is, I’ve always liked them, since before they were called film noir, or at least since before I was aware of that French phrase. Of course, it’s well-known that the filmmakers weren’t really aware that they were creating a […]