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When you love a great series character, and the author dies, a little of you dies with him, because you know that your beloved character will visit you no more. Many millions of crime fiction fans felt that way when Mickey Spillane passed away in 2006 at the age of 88, because with his departure, […]


Finally, THE DOWNTOWN DEAL has gone live. It’s the latest entry in the Jack Barnett/Las Vegas Series, centering around a reluctant ex-private eye in Sin City, USA. Here’s a brief description: October, 2003. Sandra Blake is dead. A bullet in her forehead. Her ex-husband wants former private investigator Jack Barnett to find the killer. The […]

“HARD CASH”, A NOVELETTE, NOW AVAILABLE (99¢ brief period only)

The second entry in my hardboiled Jack Barnett / Las Vegas series is now available. It’s called Hard Cash. Here’s a brief description: What if someone gave you $95,000 in cash as he lay dying in the street? Do you keep it? Even after knowing who it really belongs to? Ex-private investigator Jack Barnett is […]