a novel by Mike Dennis
Make no mistake, Jeroen ten Berge, my cover designer, is well worth the wait. I contacted him over a month ago to do the cover for my new novelette, Temptation Town, and he said it would take awhile before he could get around to it. He did the covers for Setup On Front Street and The Ghosts Of Havana, which I consider masterpieces of book cover design, so I agreed to wait. In the interim, I designed a makeshift cover myself so I could upload it to Kindle. But the real deal has arrived. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s sensational.

It’s a novelette, about 12,000 words, and the first in my hardboiled Jack Barnett / Las Vegas series. He’s a reluctant ex-private investigator who…oh, never mind. Buy the book. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle and the print version goes live on CreateSpace some time next week. It’s priced at a modest $9.95. It also comes with an exclusive preview of the next Barnett installment, a short story called Hard Cash.

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