“TEMPTATION TOWN” HITS #1! Well, sort of…

Here’s a look at today’s bestseller list of hardboiled books on Amazon. Granted, Temptation Town is free and the Ed McBain book is probably selling 100,000 copies a minute at $4.99, but hey, they’re both in the #1 position. I hope you forgive me for this little bit of chest-thumping, but I don’t often get to see my name at the top of a ranked list with “#1” next to it, and I wanted to immortalize the moment (a brief moment it will be, I’m sure).Screenshot of Amazon Best Sellers Jan 22, 2012

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2 Responses to “TEMPTATION TOWN” HITS #1! Well, sort of…

  1. Joyce Ann


  2. Great tale – not surprised at how popular it’s becoming. Well done!

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