Kindle coverFinally, THE DOWNTOWN DEAL has gone live. It’s the latest entry in the Jack Barnett/Las Vegas Series, centering around a reluctant ex-private eye in Sin City, USA. Here’s a brief description:

October, 2003. Sandra Blake is dead. A bullet in her forehead. Her ex-husband wants former private investigator Jack Barnett to find the killer. The investigation leads Barnett into a high-powered world of shady characters and a rising body count, all for control of a seemingly unimportant slice of vacant land in a seedy area of downtown Las Vegas. A mysterious case of wine rests at the center of it all, and everyone wants it. Can Barnett find the killer before the whole thing blows up in his face?

THE DOWNTOWN DEAL is a novel, the third hardboiled entry in the Jack Barnett / Las Vegas series, once again dragging the reader alongside the reluctant ex-PI down the darkest streets of Sin City, USA.

It’s on Kindle right now, as well as Kobo and Nook. The paperback is now available on CreateSpace. Please check it out.


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