Heath Lowrance, author of  the novel The Bastard Hand and a short story collection called Dig Ten Graves, as well as the individual short story, That Damned Coyote Hill, has asked yours truly to write a post for his blog. There were “No Rules”, no word count limit, no assigned topic, no nothing. Just whatever I felt like writing. Well, he’s had some damned good authors in this series already, such as Ray Banks, David Cranmer, and Luca Veste. I figured if I’m going to appear in the same room with these guys, I better have something worthwhile to say.

So I put together a little piece on The Men Of Film Noir. There have been countless blogs, articles, and yes, even TV specials on the women of film noir, those femmes fatales who gin up our heartbeat and cause considerable stirring south of our belt buckle. But I couldn’t recall anything about the men (I know what you’re thinking. Hmmm, he lives in Key West, men of film noir…Hmmmm). Okay, the troglodytes are excused now. You may return to your caves. But everyone else go to Heath’s website and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

And while you’re there, leave a brief comment, okay? Thanks.

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