cover art for the novel, The Take, by Mike DennisMy new noir novel, The Take (published by L&L Dreamspell), is now available on Kindle and on All Romance ebooks, specifically, here and here. The print version will be out soon, but don’t ask me when. It was called to my attention by someone else that it was available electronically. I had no idea. But then, I’m just the author. What do I know?

I might add that All Romance gave it a “not rated” under their “sensuality rating”. That’s good to know. I mean, maybe it’s just so hot, they couldn’t come up with a sufficiently forbidding rating for it, so in their exasperation, they just called it “not rated”. Also, they didn’t rate it in their “Heat index”, presumably for the same reason.

Anyway, they charge $5.99 and Kindle has it at $4.79. I hasten to add that I did not set these prices.

Like I said, the print version will be out very soon (I’m assuming), so look for more BSP then. Meanwhile, here’s a brief description.

In the world of small-time bookie Eddie Ryan, only the cop cars and the TVs are black and white. Everything else swirls in a kind of gray soup. Overcome by greed, lust, and the survival instinct, Eddie steps into a morally treacherous world where no one can be trusted, and where life expectancy is short. Set in the dim half-light of the Houston and New Orleans demimondes, The Take is a fast-paced, nerve-jangling ride.

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