Here’s a blurb for The Take, which appears on the back cover of the just-released print edition. It’s from the high priestess of noir, Vicki Hendricks:

Dennis writes true noir. The Take is a fast-motion train wreck from page one, twisting the reader’s heart for the desperate souls on a ride they never chose.

I consider this to be among the highest compliments I could ever hope to get for this novel. Vicki Hendricks has written some outstanding noir novels, such as Miami Purity, Cruel Poetry, Voluntary Madness, and her latest effort, a superb collection of short stories called Florida Gothic Stories. I’m really very proud to have her comments on the cover of my novel.

The Take is currently available in both print and digital formats. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Fictionwise, and AllRomance (don’t ask me how it got there).

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  1. Donald Riggio

    That’s a great compliment indeed, Mike. Judging from her cover art I may check her stuff out as well. Continued good luck to you.

  2. Mike Dennis

    She’s a great author, Don. Her first novel, MIAMI PURITY, is classic noir. Her other novels, as well as her short story collection, all operate at the same high level. I might add, you can see on the cover of CRUEL POETRY there is a blurb from Michael Connelly. She’s also routinely blurbed not only by Connelly, but by James Ellroy as well.

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