Not being one to let a classic movie rerelease slide by me without a looksee, I recently talked myself into buying the 70th Anniversary Blu-Ray boxed edition of Citizen Kane, and believe me, it’s worth every penny I paid.

You get the film itself, of course, which has been digitally remastered frame-by-frame. It looks and sounds terrific over my system, which is pretty decent. You also get a DVD of The Battle Over Citizen Kane, a documentary of the making of the film and the considerable trouble it caused in Hollywood.

Then there’s the DVD of RKO 281, the HBO film of a few years back detailing Orson Welles’ personal struggle to get the film made amid the Hollywood studio/plantation system.

But wait. There’s more!

There are the slick 5 x 7 reproductions of the poster and lobby cards.

For some reason, they saw fit to include reproductions of receipts from Schwab’s Pharmacy, who supplied liquor for a party. Note the $56 charge for “2 cases of Scotch”.




There’s a very nice, slim hardcover book about the movie.


Along with a replica of the souvenir program filmgoers received in 1941.


Of course, no release like this would be complete without a commentary, and this one comes with not one, but two commentaries by Peter Bogdanovich and Roger Ebert. The highly original 1941 trailer is also included. It’s not hard to see why this movie bombed when it came out. Audiences of the day, no matter how sophisticated, were just not ready for the fruits of Welles’ fertile imagination. The trailer alone should’ve tipped people off that this would not be another Hollywood feelgood film.

By the way, I’m adding this set to the 50th Anniversary boxed edition I purchased in 1991. Naturally, this was in the days of VHS tapes, so that set was much larger (13 x 11 x 4). It included the film, a VHS of Reflections On Citizen Kane, a bound copy of the final script, a 242-page hardcover book on Welles and the film, black-and-white stills, and a certificate of authenticity with a number (2272) and my name on it. In addition, when you bought this in 1991, you got a coupon which you could mail back and receive a full-sized special one-sheet poster made for the 50th anniversary. I’m assuming not many people sent away for this, but I did and it’s currently hanging in my house.

At any rate, go buy the Blu-Ray 70th Anniversary set. You won’t regret it.







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  1. Joyce Ann

    When I asked my son (27)about the movie The Social Network (which was truly about his generation), he told me he found it reminiscent Citizen Kane.

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